Saturday, March 23, 2013


Eastside Road, March 23, 2013—
EXACTLY THE DINNER I most enjoy here at home, and I did it all myself. Well, nearly all. The little potatoes, about the size of my thumb, came from the Sebastopol Farmers' Market; so did the sausage — Franco Dunn's Toscana sausage, poignant and determined. The garlic and rosemary came from our garden.

I cleaned the potatoes, minimally, and threw them and a few unpeeled cloves of garlic into hot olive oil in a black iron skillet, added the rosemary and salt — good sea salt. They didn't take long, at fairly high heat, covered, to cook; they were soon tender.

Then I sliced the sausages, say three-quarters of an inch thick, and tossed them in as well, and continued cooking, uncovered — Lindsey insisted — until they were done. That's all there is to it.

Green salad, of course.

Cheap Primitivo (Grifone, from Puglia)

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Curtis Faville said...

I think I've mentioned my wife's former history as a composer of "gorps"--another name for improvised stews, cooked on the run.

One of my favorite quick dinners is to throw chopped onion, celery, garlic, bacon bits, sliced peppers and carrots and halved brussels spouts together with olive oil and sliced sausages and almost any kind of potatoes, deglazing with left-over wine--makes a great stewy concoction.

I don't think it would qualify as one of the 100 plates, but it holds up well over time.