Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick and simple

Eastside Road, October 5, 2012—
LUNCH: AS USUAL these days: peanut butter on a piece of toast — today, Artisan's Seven-grain bread, a favorite of Lindsey's; I like it okay in spite of the birdseed. Especially when it comes with a delicious Bosc pear and a couple or three of those incomparable Golden Transparent plums, probably the last from this year's harvest.

DINNER: NO TIME for anything fancy, so Lindsey quickly fried some sliced shallot in butter and combined them with Blue Lake green beans from Nancy Skall's Middleton Farms, quickly steamed until tender; with them, toast and cheese (Piave, Gruyère); afterward, green salad.

Then we drove down to Oakland to a concert; then home again — 80 miles each way — and finished the evening with a Hanky Panky. I'm sure I've given you the recipe.
With supper, Tempranillo Barrica, Albero, 2009 (as two days ago)

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