Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quiet dinner at home

Eastside Road, September 21, 2011—
BREAKFAST, THE USUAL; lunch, peanut butter on toast, a small piece of grilled steak found in the refrigerator, some fruit; cocktails with friends: a misguided reconstruction, from imperfect memory, of
Satan's Whiskers:
two parts gin
half part each dry and sweet vermouth
one part Mandarine
one scant part orange juice
generous dash orange bitters
shake with ice; strain; garnish with lemon juice.

Dinner: some tomatoes and green beans; then rigatoni al pesto — the end of this summer's basil crop. Raspberries.
Cheap Pinot grigio


Curtis Faville said...

The mandarine orange liquor is so much better than triple sec--no comparison. A tart quality I prefer.

The bartender Matt at Corso makes his own bitters mixtures. I'll have to get him to write them all down for me.

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Yiddish for welcome-able ???

Charles Shere said...

Yes. Most of the recipes I've consulted since making this -- and there's lots of recipes online; just enter "Satan's Whiskers" in your search engine -- call for either Curaçao or Triple Sec, but Mandarine is more to my taste.

Also most recipes call for
equal parts of gin and the other liquors, and a teaspoon of orange bitters -- but then, they don't mention orange juice. The more I think about it, the more I like my version.