Monday, August 8, 2011

Another goat

Eastside Road, August 8, 2011—
WE WERE HERE four months ago, and here we are again: roast goat at Monti's. What I said then
That's what I had, of course; who could resist it? We started by splitting a romaine salad — Caesar salad missing the anchovies and raw egg. L. went on to sole amandine, which is okay, but I wanted the goat. It came with a sort of raita, sautéed peppers and onions, and "chickpea fries," what I would call panisse sticks: very tasty. And an enormous hunk of tzatziki, a thick flatbread.
was largely true again today, except a Sidecar instead of salad, and the tzatziki is the yoghurt-based sauce I referred to as raita before. Oh well.
Pinot noir, MacMurray Ranch, 2009 (pleasant, forthcoming, and rather complex; but short on the finish)
Monti's, 714 Village Court, Santa Rosa; 707.568.4404


Curtis Faville said...

An old acquaintance of mine said he tried goat, but that it was very tough.

I have my reservations...

Charles Shere said...

Nah, that's silly. That's like saying beef is tough, or chicken is tough. Sure, goat can be tough, any meat can be tough. I've eaten goat several times, more often than, for example, venison; I've never had tough goat. This one was roasted and basted, I'm sure, while roasting. It tasted more like beef than like lamb, though with hints of lamb behind it.