Sunday, January 30, 2011


Eastside Road, January 30, 2011—
A FEW WEEKS AGO, okay, maybe a few months ago, our daughter brought us a package of smoked andouille sausages from New Orleans. They went into the freezer to await the right occasion.

The right occasion turned out to be tonight. We had the other daughter to dinner, and E. too of course, and L. found a recipe on the Internet somewhere and wrote it out,
and we found some sushi-type rice at the supermarket, and the other things at our usual organic shop, and Bob's you uncle.

We started with Sazeracs: Redemption rye whiskey — who can resist such easy redemption? — and Herbesaint and Peychaud bitters, of course. And then the jambalaya, hot and piquant and stick-to-your-ribs.

Afterward, the regulation green salad; and then a dessert, bananas Foster
bananas flamed in rum (because we could thankfully find no banana liqueur in our local liquor store), with vanilla ice cream.
Mourvedre, Preston of Dry Creek, 2008: mature, subtle, rich


Giovanna said...

Glad you liked them--sounds as if you had the perfect dinner. The andouille came from Cochon Butcher in New Orleans--a really nice place to have lunch (or apparently even supper) if you find yourself there! Though I don't remember there being any Sazeracs. No worries, they're easy to come by there!

Charles Shere said...

Jambalaya leftovers next night: that sausage is GOOD. Thanks.