Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bean soup

Eastside Road, January 12, 2011—
TO THOSE WHO'VE EXPRESSED concern about the food we liberate from our refrigerator, that Fortunatus's purse left us by Lindsey's mother (and left us empty, I hasten to add), I say, Never fear: Lindsey's quite capable of telling sound from spoiled. She is not like Ruth Reichl's mother, who nearly poisoned her father.

Tonight we had another installment of the bean-and-barley soup from last December 18, first revisited four days later. Tonight, as then, we floated garlic-rubbed toast on top and grated Parmesan cheese over. There's enough for one more meal, and it's nice these cold days.
Côtes du Rhône, Caves des Papes, 2009

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Curtis Faville said...

I love the stuff but it turns me into a hover-craft.