Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Eastside Road, August 18, 2010—
LINDSEY SAYS the stuffed pepper recipe came from Gourmet, not Sunset. And she knows what she's talking about, because she looked it up just yesterday: it was in an issue from 1969. And she elaborates on the ingredients: the bread crumbs — cubes, really — are soaked in a little broth, and into them go parsley, capers, chopped olives (green by preference), crushed garlic, a little olive oil, and the tuna. And it was as delicious tonight as last night, though I must say I prefer chard to zucchini. Green salad, of course — storebought mâche, lettuces from the garden.
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Curtis Faville said...

I've noticed that "stuffed" as a descriptive in recipes is often used to describe cooking with, or with sauces over the top of--rather than "inside" the meat or vegetable or fruit. I think stuffed should be used accurately, to describe something actually "inside" something (like bird dressing), instead of just shored against, or poured over.

Charles Shere said...

I'm completely with you here. Stuffed pork chops, for example; when what's meant is pork chops with dressing. Of course no one says "dressing" any more; it sounds faintly Victorian. I try to be a casual guy, but not with nomenclature.