Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring supper

Berkeley, April 14, 2010—

sUPPER TONIGHT at the home of acquaintances who are traveling soon in Corsica and Sardinia and wanted to hear of our experiences there when we were there so many years ago.

A classic Spring menu: poached salmon, steamed asparagus, rice. And for dessert a real treat: tangerine and chocolate mousses, side by side in a coupe.
But what was that delicious soft French white wine we had, and why didn't I take note? Surely a Provençal?

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Charles Shere said...

C. A. writes (to me, personally, and I post here without her permission):
It was Chateau Lascaux which is a Coteaux de Languedoc (imported by Kermit).
By the way, the mousse was chocolate with cardamom, and meyer lemon. Don calls it bi-color mousse but when he said that to someone recently, she said "bipolar mousse?"
There were tangerines, pixies, but they were in the salad, not the dessert.

And now you see how inaccurate Eating Every Day can be, especially after a long drive through the dark...