Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicken sandwich; pollock: a study in contrast

Eastside Road, March 17, 2010—
I JUST DO THE eating and writing around here, for the most part; Lindsey's the Chief Forager and Cook. Today found her in Oakland, whence she brought home a chicken-breast sandwich from Bakesale Betty for our lunch. This is an amazing sandwich: a huge hunk of chicken, breaded and deep-fried, accompanied by a mayonnaisy cole-slaw involving Habañera peppers and parsley in just the right balance. One sandwich is enough for the two of us.

Then dinner: we had, I kid you not,
Pollock, water, olive oil, canola oil, butter, sea salt, spice, sugar, fructose, corn starch, nonfat milk, potato starch, citric acid, lemon peel, natural flavoring, xanthan gum, guar gum, turmeric (color), tocopherol (added to protect flavor)
That from the label from Gorton's Frozen Fish Fillets, under the heading Ingredients. Oddly, just below Ingredients, you find Contains: pollock, milk. To alert those allergic to such things, I suppose.

Lindsey broiled the fish and laid succotash alongside — corn and soybean succotash, a combination we delight in. It was okay, a little dry, not exactly toothsome, but okay; but my heart's with Bakesale Betty. Green salad, of course.
Sauvignon blanc, "Viñas Chilenas," 2009
  • Bakesale Betty, 5098 Telegraph Ave., Oakland; tel. 510.985.1213

    Curtis Faville said...

    Speaking of sandwiches, Sea Salt (on San Pablo) serves a mean trout and bacon sandwich on a bun (with purple slaw on the side).

    With a crisp glass of Pinot Gris, it's a winner.

    Charles Shere said...

    Oh boy, that sounds good. We'll stop in for one next time we're in Berkeley.