Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orange and onion

Eastside Road, January 19, 2010—
IT'S ONE OF MY very favorite salads, and one of Lindsey's too. She slices oranges and raw onions and tosses them in a vinaigrette made with tarragon-flavored white vinegar. A little salt, no doubt. That's all. Flavor, scent, texture, color; sharp and sweet; soft and crunchy.
An objective reality Francis Ponge would appreciate.
Afterward, potato-salt cod-garlic gratin, and green salad of course. Maybe in a bit we'll have dessert — we did yesterday, a little cardomom cake Lindsey made to keep her hand in. I love it. (And her.)
Cheap Pinot grigio; cheap Nero d'Avola


George Mattingly said...

This looks terrific. Blood oranges? Or Cara Caras? Onto tonight's menu it goes!

Charles Shere said...

Blood oranges, usually, here. I don't know Cara Caras. Are they next to the Walla Walla onions?

George Mattingly said...

Cara Cara oranges are a reddish navel orange. To me they taste like red grapefruit & tangerine & orange & blood orange all in one. I made this salad with them tonight & they were sensational. My tarragon was the dried stuff (not very flavorful) so I added a tiny bit of basil eau-de-vie (which is a bit like tarragon). For a few minutes at dinner I was a hero. (And then reality returned. . . .