Friday, October 30, 2009

Grilled tuna sandwich

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, October 29, 2009—
WHAT WITH ONE THING and another cooking dinner wasn't an attractive option, one thing being a late-in-the-afternoon event in town that dragged on, the other being the second game of the World Series. So Lindsey fixed grilled tuna sandwiches, one of my favorite things. Artisan's nine-grain bread is not one of my favorite things, but L. likes it, and I have to agree it makes fine grilled sandwiches. Superb canned Ortiz tuna. Little chunks of dill pickle. Just the right amount of chopped onion. Grilled between two hot cast-iron frying pans. Green salad afterward. The only improvement would have been a second Phillies win.
Tempranillo, Brick Kiln Cellars (Los Angeles), 1997 (!)

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Curtis Faville said...

"The only improvement would have been a second Phillies win."

I'll second that!