Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, September 15, 2009—
LOTS OF LYCOPENE, that's what I need, I'm told; I'm not sure why. I mean, I'm not sure what it does. Doesn't matter: it comes in good foods, mostly red.

We began with tomatoes, raw, from the garden; and little eggplants, also from the garden, cooked in olive oil in the toaster oven. And then pasta with redsauce, with leaves from the bay tree, and dried mushrooms from the pantry. It's so nice to be home, especially when you're married to a good cook!
"Pinotage," South Africa, 2007: so gassy and unpleasant I couldn't drink it.

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Curtis Faville said...

Tomatoes are supposed to be good for your prostate.

Heaven forbid we should have unhealthy prostates!