Sunday, September 20, 2009


San Francisco, September 19, 2009 —
WHAT'S MORE CIVILIZED than a drink, a show, and dinner out at a romantic and extraordinarily fine restaurant? So it went: Martinis at Martuni's; Joe Ortiz's cabaret show Smoke with Lori Rivera backed up by Marshall Otwell's piano (and a fine bassist whose name I don't know), and then a platter of salumi, succulent lamb's testicles, and roast vitellone at Incanto with Joe and Gayle and two other friends. The only improvement to the evening would have been a streetcar ride to a local hotel room, but we don't mind living in the country.
Arneis, Recit, 2007; Barbera, Cascina Val del Prete "Serra de' Gatti
  • Incanto, 1550 Church Street, San Francisco; tel. 415-641-4500

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    Curtis Faville said...

    Heard very good things about Incanto, but we get so seldom to the City. All wind and iffy parking and the dark drive home across a bridge.

    They're supposed to very good with organ meats, as you aver.