Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to New Sammy

Ashland, Sept. 3—
BACK TODAY to New Sammy's. The menu hadn't changed from yesterday, and why would it? You could order from this menu every day for a week, and maybe we will. I had the flatiron steak this time, a big composed salad with several strips of steak, couscous, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, and a healthy scatter of soft goat cheese crumbles.
Afterward, this delicious Linzer tart made with plums instead of raspberries — a great idea — with a smooth, creamy, spicy clove-flavored ice cream on the side.
Côtes du Rhone, Domaine Ste.-Anne, 2005
  • New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, 2210 South Pacific Highway, Talent, OR 97520;
    tel. (541) 535-2779

    Daniel Wolf said...


    Although there are lots of variations in the fruits that can be used (apricots and raspberries, for example) and especially so the farther you get away from Linz, in Linz itself, the usual choice for the filling is redcurrant.

    Charles Shere said...

    Really. I've only been in Linz once, and then just to visit the church and meditate on Bruckner. We ate in a roadside café or restaurant, sitting outside under a huge linden tree. That must be nearly forty years ago. Linzertort wasn't on the menu. I dearly love it, but always associate it with raspberries.