Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saints alive!

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, August 11, 2009 —
KEES'S BIRTHDAY: we all drove up to Geyserville for dinner at Santi, one of the really good restaurants around here — not great, we agreed, but very good, and comfortable, and fun. Seven of us at table. Starved for protein, for some reason, I had
•Affettati Nostrali: three house cured salumi, marinated olives, house made giardinera
•Bistecca Grigliata con Panzanella di Pomodoro: Grilled natural New York steak, Early Girl tomato and Bellwether Crescenza bread pudding, sauteed green beans, roasted torpedo onions

The Toscana-style salami and the bresaola on my affettati plate were fabulous, and the peppery salami not far behind. The steak was nicely grilled, very flavorful, certainly not buttery-tender, served with a light drizzle of oil; and the bread pudding accompanying it was delightful, reminding me of the tomato-and-bread dish Mom used to make, but this was a hell of a lot better!

Chardonnay: Terra Savia (Mendocino), 2006; Dolcetto d'Alba, Ceretto, 2007

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Curtis Faville said...

Who but you, Charles, would think of celebrating Weldon Kees' birthdate?

Kees: Painter, poet, musician, composer, and even, I discovered, theorist in sensory comprehension. Who then jumped off the bridge.

I have a copy of the first limited fine press edition of the Kees Collected Poems for sale, edited by Donald Justice. If you have a couple of thousand dollars lying around, you could be the proud owner!