Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another patio party

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, August 19, 2009—
IT LOOKS LIKE THINGS are taking a serious turn, but looks are misleading, we're just catching up. Lindsey's the oldest of five girls, and they were all here yesterday, with a number of the men too. Hot dogs and flatiron steaks off the grill, a delicious fava-bean paste, green salad, chips of course. Lindsey's superb peach ice cream. Long lunch.
Pieter's beer; cheap Pinot grigio, Var rosé, okay red wine.

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Curtis Faville said...


They're replaying selected segments of Julia's old cooking show on 9.

I'd forgotten how brusque and demonstrative she could be, patting, rubbing and poking her birds and fish. Swinging the old carving knife ("thunk!") down on the wood board. The shows weren't scripted, but she didn't worry about the short silences or unexpected crises. She just plowed on.