Monday, August 17, 2009


Eastside Road, Healdsburg, August 17, 2009—

LAST TIME, JULY 25, I reported that the aioli had broken, and had to be repaired. Today's was made as I've always made it, and did not break. My technique, with photographs, is on my website. I'll only add here that there's a pretty good write-up on Wikipedia, not lacking some humor. Alice was up for lunch, and Lindsey'd fixed a salt cod, and we had also, as you can see, blanched carrots and green beans (Nancy Skall's matchless Musicas) and boiled potatoes, and little artichokes (also Nancy's), and green and red carrots. This is truly a delicious summertime lunch and it didn't hurt to have more for dinner.
Viognier, Preston Vineyards (Dry Creek Valley), 2007

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Tony le frenchy said...

I love Aioli and it's very hard to make and to find. Thanks God I found a website it's very cheap, it's really straight from France and I love that