Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick pasta

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, May 8, 2009—

THESE DAYS THERE'S so much to do; dinner tends to get put off to the last minute. After the Friday Martini I picked lettuce and arugula while Lindsey threw together penne rigate, crumbled-up anchovies cooked with garlic, then sprinkled chopped Italian parsley on top. She planted that parsley over a decade ago, in a pot; it's been seeding itself here and there on the patio ever since. The green salad, and the rest of the
Roero Arneis, Marco Porello, 2007

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Ed Baker said...

I had Kraft mac 'n'cheese

cassherold... in it

noodles, cheese, peas, left-over turkey, onions, gar-lick, parsley,rosemary,and thyme

kosher salt (a pinch) pepper, musroom (condensed) soup AND
6 cans of iced-cold Buddha Beer

tonight like the last three nits same thin as leftovers..

I wonder if the fuzzy-green stuff is ok to eat?

better get some more beer!