Monday, April 6, 2009

Herndon Houlihan's

Herndon, Virginia, April 6, 2009

AFTER A FLIGHT only momentarily interesting — when a woman decided she needed a cigaret when we were over Kansas, and got belligerent when told to cut it out right now — here we are on the ground in Herndon, VA, because it's too damn late to go on into Washington. The hotel restaurant is called Houlihan's, which of course makes me think of Lovely Houlihan's in Portland: but it's nothing like.
Still, a "Tuscan salad" (greens, canned white beans, tomato concassée, "balsamic" vinaigrette) and a fettucine Alfredo with chicken breast atop, that takes the edge off hunger.
house Pinot grigio


Curtis Faville said...

Speaking of Portland--how about Jake's?

Great beer, and very tolerable fish dishes in the old Portland manner.

Wine a bit steep for what it is, but they DO know wine up there, especially the Pinots.

In the old days when Portland had a dozen decent used bookstores, I'd stay at the McMaster B&B at the top of the hill, and eat dinner at Jake's after all day browsing at Powell's.

Charles Shere said...

I remember all those used book stores. I don't begrudge Powell's; they've endured; times have changed; blablabla. But those other stores, in those old days…