Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pasta, Cardinale sauce

Capitola, February 10

CARDINALE SAUCE IS something new to me: Bechamel, I'd guess, with maybe a little cream, and tomato. Joe cooked some spaghetti, distributed it into ramekins, and covered it with said sauce. Alongside, grilled fennel sausages; with them, artichokes with butter and garlic. Green salad. Delicious.
Rousanne, Louis Preston, 2006; Pinot noir, Alexander Valley


Curtis Faville said...

I spent a week in Capitola, in, I recall, 1956. My stepfather, who was employed at that time as a contract engineer on the Napa State Hospital expansion project, had a co-worker friend who lived in Capitola with his family. Their house was one of several which fronted directly onto a green across the curving street from the breakwater. I have no idea if those trim little row houses still exist, or have been cleared to make way for something else. I remember you could hear the sound of the ocean through the second story bow window in the afternoon. It was restful. That was a long time ago.

ococky1 said...

thats a very cool story ....