Monday, December 29, 2008

Beer and a burger

Jughandle Creek Ranch, December 29, 2008—
  • North Coast Brewing Company, 455 N. Main St, Fort Bragg; tel. 707/964-3400
  • WE'D CHECKED OUT of our rental house and wanted one last meal before the family broke up to go its four separate ways, and Meadow suggested the Brewery. Feeling a little under the weather I had a cup of minestrone before splitting a hamburger and French fries with Lindsey, who suggested we split a dish of cole slaw as well. It was all surprisingly good; I'd go back any time.
    Pale lager, "Scrimshaw"

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    Giovanna said...

    Ha! we did go back--about 20 minutes later, with Pavel's family. Lots of double takes from the waitstaff.