Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pasta down the hill

Ham, snow peas, asparagus, mushrooms, arugula, olive oil, cream, salt, pepper, pasta


TO THE NEIGHBORS TONIGHT for dinner and a bit of a cooking lesson. Eric sliced some bits off the ham — it certainly didn't hurt that it was a Smithfield — and Thérèse sliced snow peas, mushrooms, and asparagus to sauté with them, adding a few leaves of arugula and just a splash or two of cream toward the end. Fettucini. Black pepper and Parmagiano. A green salad.

Pinot grigio


S & N said...

Charles and Lindsey,
I stumbled upon the Eastside View a little under a year ago after finding fresh gooseberries at the local farmer’s market and baking a wonderful free-form gooseberry tart from a recipe by Lindsey Shere that I recalled reading years ago in an old copy of Food and Wine magazine and was luckily able to retrieve. Lindsey’s article (and the tart) was wonderful. We’d just returned from a spring trip to San Francisco (a city so easy to love—beautiful and humane) and I became interested in what happens to talented people after they leave the careers that made them famous. A Google search came up with the blog of Charles Shere, and I’ve been a sporadic reader ever since. It’s been a pleasure to drop in voyeuristically from time to time to spy a little—across a generation and a continent—on a couple who really seems to have the art of living (and of course eating) down pat. I hope you don’t mind a stranger looking in like this. The living style and dining style conveyed in both blogs seems very realistic—beautiful definitely, but attainable by mortals. Thanks for the little glimpses—they’re inspiring.
It’s still cold here and we have no rose canes or grape vines for the fire, but we do have a lovely fillet of wild sockeye and your grilled salmon entry almost has me convinced to venture outside to grill it tonight.

Charles Shere said...

"Mind a stranger looking in"? Isn't that what it's all about? Thanks for the comments, which are flattering, but suggest that maybe what I try to do here comes through...
I envy you your sockeye!