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Monday, May 4, 2015

Idem, the same

Eastside Road, May 4, 2015—
FOR PHOTO, SEE yesteday's post. We had pasta again tonight, with the same tomato sauce — which only gets better, richer, deeper, from one day to the next. But there will be none of the same tomorrow: the tomato sauce is finished, and the refrigerator almost empty.

The freezer, too. After our green salad we had vanilla ice cream, drizzled with delicious nocino — thank you Mary Jo — a marvelous dessert.

Cabernet sauvignon, Three Wishes, nv. What is this wine, anyway? The label calls it simply "American Cabernet Sauvignon — it could be South or North American, I guess — and says the vinting and bottling is done by Three Wishes Vineyards in Livermore and Ripon, Californa. Well, it was serviceable.
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Eastside Road, May 3, 2015—
ANOTHER QUICK SUPPER: neither Cook nor I have time or inclination to do much more. You'll see why later this week.

Chances are we'll be having pasta again later this week, too, come to think of it. If it's cooked as perfectly as this spaghetti was, and has a tomato-and-sausage sauce as rich and pointed, I'll be a happy man. Carlo Felice.

Green salad afterward, e basta cosi.
The rest of Preston's Sirah-Syrah
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Last of the chickpea stew

Eastside Road, May 2, 2015—
BY NOW YOU WILL have thought something's afoot: Why else would they be dining so assiduously on leftovers, on things found in the fridge…

In fact I look forward to two more days eating at home; then a number of days on the road. We have been dining somewhat repetitiously; I've tried to make up for that by photographing more variously.

But in fact, Cook prepares marvelous meals, and this chickpea stew is richer each time. This was the last of it.
The last, also, of the Sirah-Syrah, Preston of Dry Creek. Restaurants visited in 2015 are listed at Eatingday's Restaurants

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fusilli with tomato sauce

Eastside Road, May 1, 2015—
NO QUESTION ABOUT IT: if you've got a nice slippery sauce to hold, your best pasta is fusilli. Those delicious little corkscrews are tenacious.

The sauce, well, typical, Cook browned a sausage or two from the freezer, which continues to divulge — Franco's "Sicilian" sausage, sweet and spicy — and added a chopped onion and, if I know her, a clove or two of garlic, mashed up. Then a can of tomatoes.

It's a long time since we've had red sauce, and this was welcome. Best of all, the Healdsburg Farm Market re-opens for the year tomorrow morning, and Franco will undoubtedly be on hand. Of course we have only a couple of dinners left here at Eastside Road before an extended trip… still, maybe some shopping's in order. The freezer and the icebox can only keep feeding us just so long.
Syrah-Sirah, Preston of Dry Creek, 2012: rich, mature, balanced, forward (even perhaps a bit assertive). Nice.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chickpea stew

Eastside Road, April 30, 2015—
THAT'S WHAT COOK calls it: chickpea stew. Chickpeas; a big sweet onion; some rice; a bit of sweet potato; cumin; coriander. And chopped cilantro to garnish.

Rather Indian, I thought; a nice end to a very warm day. Green salad with avocado. Apple; tangerine.
The rest of the Preston Petite Syrah, which held nicely
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another duck

more duck.jpg
Eastside Road, April 29, 2015—
JUST AS I THOUGHT… and, let's be honest, just as I'd hoped. Another dinner on duck.

With the slight difference that this time Cook was away most of the day, so the cooking chores, such as they were, fell to your blogger. Nothing to it: I cut the potatoes into quarters and cooked them an hour or so in a little duck fat from yesterday.

I laid the duck legs — confited, if that's the correct participle, you'll remember — in the pan that had been used yesterday and cooked them slowly, making sure they browned nicely on the outside.

Last thing, I halved a few spring onions and cooked them slowly in… duck fat, of course.

Green salad afterward; then some ice cream with applesauce. A feast.
Petite syrah: Preston of Dry Creek, 2012: fruit, tannin, edge, body, finish.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Duck confit

Eastside Road, April 28, 2015—
EVERY NOW AND THEN, you may have noticed, we find ourselves down in Berkeley for one reason or another, and sometimes on those occasions we remember to do a little shopping. The Monterey Market still provides those delicious Pixie tangerines from Ojai. Monterey Fish provides, well, fish.

And Café Rouge provides duck confit. I don't know when we bought the two duck legs we had tonight, and it doesn't really matter: they hold pretty well in the freezer. I'm not sure how Cook prepared them: probably just cooked them in their own fat in a black iron skillet. That's what I'd have done…

With them, more of that delicious bitter country broccoli we had yesterday, sautéed with plenty of garlic; and long-cooked potatoes, cut up and fried in, I suppose, duck fat. Man, what a delicious dinner.

Green salad afterward, and then an ice cream sundae; vanilla ice cream, with black raspberries, also from the freezer…

And the best thing is, there are two duck legs left. I bet I know what tomorrow will bring!
Cheap Pinot grigio; Cheap primitivo
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